Some Circus Amazement: Allegria

As you probably can tell, I absolutely love circus arts. I adore the costumes, the make-up, the dazzle and glitter…and of course, the spectacular and awe-inspiring things people can train themselves to do.

I first discovered Cirque du Soleil—my all-time favorite circus—the first time they came to the USA from Canada, where they are from. They set up a big top in the parking lot of the Santa Monica pier, which is where Maddy and Skeeter fly over the Ferris Wheel in The Circus at the End of the Sea. I was out for a skate and stopped to watch the big top go up, but none of us knew what this show was. I couldn’t afford tickets, but a friend got me one and took me…and I was so spellbound I couldn’t leave my seat when it was all over. I wanted to live in that world forever.

Here’s a 3-minute video of some of the highlights from their show KOOZA. Watch it and be amazed!