The Circus at the End of the Sea

The Circus at the End of the Sea

by Lori R. Snyder
Published by HarperCollins Publishers
Available Hardcover, Audiobook, eBook

A vibrant and enchanting debut novel about a lonely girl who discovers a magical street circus, perfect for fans of Kelly Barnhill and Rebecca Stead!

Maddy Adriana knows that magic is real. All her life, her heart has pulled her towards things too perfect to be ordinary—not to mention her mysterious silver bracelet that never comes off. One day, the tug of her heart leads her to Il Circo delle Strade, the magical street circus hidden in plain sight among the canals and boardwalks of Venice Beach, California…and for the first time in her life, Maddy feels like she might belong.

But the circus is in grave danger, and it seems only Maddy can help. Her journey will take her to the end of the sea, where she will have to confront the frightening side of magic as well as her own deepest fears if she is to save the place she hopes to call home.

This unforgettable debut shows readers the magic of following your heart and finding where you belong.

“…a bittersweet, boundlessly imaginative story that emphasizes the bright and dark sides of life. Classic motifs help this enticing debut conjure its own special blend of magic.” –Publisher’s Weekly

“…endlessly inventive – rich with both sly humor and deep truths. As a fabulous bonus, Ophelia, the heroine’s delightful octopus companion, is one of the best sidekicks ever! Adventure, mystery, heartbreak, and laughter abound in this wondrous first novel. Kids are going to love it.” Bruce Coville, author of The Thief of Worlds

“This gorgeous story and its denizens are funny, wise, and a bit feral in the best way, showing us the beauty in embracing every part of ourselves. Maddy’s adventures and her search for belonging tugs at your heartstrings and never lets go. I found The Circus at the End of the Sea glimmering with love and magic through and through.” – Cindy Lin, author of The Twelve and Treasures of the Twelve

The Circus at the End of the Sea dazzles and delights with imagination and heartfelt feeling. It takes us on a journey that dares us to marvel at the magic that lies beneath the surface of the world, and more importantly the magic within our own hearts.”  –Armand Baltazar, author of Timeless Diego and the Rangers of the Vastlantic

“Sometimes the book your heart needs is a sparkly dream circus, in which shadow and light are all part of a joyful dance. How lucky the world is to have a book like that now, Lori Snyder’s light-footed and light-filled The Circus at the End of the Sea.” –Anne Nesbet, award-winning author of Cloud and Wallfish