Octopus Camo

I absolutely love octopuses of all kinds; they are super intelligent and SO WEIRD. Plus, they can do amazing feats of camouflage, meaning blending into their surroundings. They don’t just match color of what’s around them; they match texture and shape as well.

Here’s one of the most amazing acts of camouflage I’ve ever seen from an octopus. Make sure you watch the whole thing, because they show it in reverse motion so you can really see the octopus hide.

Learn to Juggle!

Learning how to juggle a chainsaw—like Adela in The Circus at the End of the Sea, or the people who do this on the Venice Boardwalk—takes a whole lot of practice and training. But everyone who juggles chainsaws started with scarves and balls, and they started small and worked their way up. 

Want to try? Here’s a great video just for kids that will walk you through the steps to juggle two or three balls. Don’t worry if you can’t get it right away—like most things good, it takes some time to learn! You’ll need two scarves and two small tennis balls (or other small, soft balls) for this. Have fun! Maybe I’ll see you on the boardwalk some day!