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In an alternate universe, Lori R. Snyder (she/her) is a circus performer—probably an aerialist wearing a lot of glitter. In this universe, she’s had many different careers (none of which, sadly, are circus-related): marine biologist, fourth grade teacher, dancer, yoga teacher and studio owner, book editor, and writer. Venice Beach is one of the great loves of her life, as are kindness, delight, and the sea…and The Circus at the End of the Sea is her love letter to all of those. Lori is also the founder of the Writers Happiness Movement, which offers free happiness tools to writers.


Lori Snyder (she/her) is a writer of stories and a student of the world, which probably explains all the different careers and years of college. Previous careers include fourth grade science and language arts teacher, family science camp coordinator and teacher, working on a boat designing and leading programs that took kids into kelp forests and out to see blue sharks, book editor, yoga studio owner, and musical booking agent for a coffee house in Hollywood. In addition to being a writer, she is also a long-time yoga teacher and the founder of the Writers Happiness Movement, which offers free happiness tools and microgrants to writers.

Lori has a BA in Communication Studies from UCLA, a couple of years toward an MS in Marine Biology from CSULB, and an MPW (Master’s of Professional Writing) from USC. Her short fiction has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. She lives at the beach in Los Angeles, near the circus that she loves. If you head out to the bike path on any nice day, you can probably find her skating there. The Circus at the End of the Sea is her first novel.

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