A Seagull’s View of Venice Beach! 

This drone video really captures the circus that is Venice! It’s about five minutes long, but worth it. Also, it’s not a very busy day at the beach in this video, so image it with three times as many people and skaters and cyclists and sunbathers!

Here are a few highlights:

It starts at Windward Circle, where the Venice sign is, just like on the cover of The Circus at the End of the Sea. You can see the same buildings on the left and right as there are on the cover! As a fun note, I wrote a lot of this book sitting in a coffee house in the building on the left, Menotti’s Coffee Stop!

At 30 seconds, you’ll see part of a really cool dance/acrobatic act starting on the boardwalk. Those performers have been there for many years—and they are setting up for one person to do a flip that carries them over the heads of all the people standing in that line in the middle! Also, the blue building that in the back right, the one with the arches, is right by Small World Books where I had a party when The Circus at the End of the Sea was published!

At 45 seconds are some skate dancers, although there aren’t many there in this video. The skaters who used to be there a long time ago taught me to skate. 

At 1:36 are the art walls and cones

At 1:40 is the skate part where Skeeter skates, and where he met the Ringmaster. 

At 2:07 on, Vanessa’s mural is in the back right. You can almost see her on it!

At 4:08, the Venice pier is in the background, and you can see the bike path.At 4:20, under the red-and-white striped awning, is Small World Books, my local bookstore and where I went to sign copies of The Circus at the End of the Sea when it came out!